The Rise of Academic Incubators

Today’s competitive, high-risk/high-reward marketplace entices young entrepreneurs to develop (and cash in on) daring ideas virtually overnight. To remain relevant and enable emerging thinkers to pursue surer pathways to success, universities are introducing campus spaces where students can connect to fellow entrepreneurs and interested financiers.

Business Incubation Management Training Program

The Business Incubation Management Training Program was created for business incubator managers and stakeholders in developing countries and emerging markets. Through its network of certified facilitators, has helped more than one thousand people increase their understanding of business incubator models, how to finance an incubator, monitoring and evaluation, mentoring programs, and more.


Business incubators have been around for decades, with most having the primary goal of educating entrepreneurs in best business practices, providing mentorship and guidance as well as offering financial support (either by taking a direct equity stake or arranging investment opportunities with VC and/or angel groups). If you’re thinking about…