Why we?

RCM is designed to be focused on preparing student towards global job market. Activities we are having on board are for mostly targeted on students further succeed in their career, and eventually turn them into a successful corporate managers.

Excellent Placement Record

Focusing on a practical side of the study, as well as career based management activities help to achieve the result – all of our students pass their job interviews and get jobs in a management and corporate structures.

Emphasis on Corporate Tie-Up

We organize our work during all the year, including seminars, workshops, events and presentations, using the knowledge of the workers from the corporate structures to mentor their base on work knowledge, latest business trends, and enroll the corporations for the placement.

Corporate Facility

Upon the bases of our events we have a large pool of the corporate managers, who bring not only upto date information and real facility cases, but also business challenges opportunities for the working, and participating in global market environment.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

RCM encourages setting up Incubation Centres for building entrepreneurs to hone their skill on latest technology trends like e-commerce, Cloud computing, Mobility and Analytics. This provides a platform for start-up organizations to create products and technologies which make a difference in business paradigm and enables our students to get exposure on entrepreneurship.

International Exposure

Our company have all necessary tie-ups with most of the management facilities of USA, UK, Germany and China, to provide highest possible level of the global exploture, as well as having an International Students Exchange Program, and Facility Exchange program to achieve those goals.

Focus on Soft Skills

We organize number of training courses and training programs, to provide more force to a soft skills of the students, to be absolutely sure they develop effective business communication  skills, etiquette and manners, how to handle stress, time management skills, leadership and co-ordination skill.