Quality of Life on Campus

Regional College of Management Bangalore, fully  professional place for those who are eager to become on of the best professionals in the chosen sphere. Campus life is the overall aspect of you being a student; meaning that it goes beyond what you learn in the classroom. It is an energetic environment that is designed to give you a pleasurable academic, professional, and personal experience and part of that is campus involvement. In other words all of the institute’s guidelines are there to help you out into your studies both in and outside of the classroom. There are various ways to become engaged /involved on campus.

  • While keeping focus on academic work, it is equally important to socialize and build new friends who could support and inspire to bring out the best in you as a student to learn and acquire knowledge.
  • You would become responsible for your thoughts and action on campus by completing all tasks on time, every time and bring about team spirit and respect each other’s space whilst on and off  campus.
  • The institution encourages co- curricular development in areas of dance, music, drama, art, simulations, management fests, sports and team building activities which not only enable skill development but prepare the student to face competition in an ever changing global market.
  • The architecture and landscaping is done keeping in mind the proximity to nature  and to maintain a peaceful and pollution free environment to study grow and succeed in the work place of the future.

At Regional College of Management Bangalore we would thrive to provide you an engaging atmosphere that is both intellectually stimulating and physically enriching experience.